Monday, January 24, 2011

Madhubani art workshop at Nepura

Madhubani Painting Workshop in Nepura
By Nepura Village Tourism Development Committee

A Madhubani Painting  Workshop was organised in Nepura by the Nepura Village Tourism Development Committee in the months of September and October 2010. About 20 artisans of the Anchala Ladies Cooperative (Nepura) participated in the workshop. Madhubani Art  is a traditional craft of North Bihar, whose popularity has increased in recent years.  The Anchala Ladies Cooperative wished to incorporate this craft and enrich the skill set of the cooperative. Nepura Cooperative is known for Sujuni souvenirs based on local Buddhist stories. Artisans create art (sujuni, khatwa,and Madhubani) around Buddhist stories from the local area, including Rajgriha, Nalanda and other nearby villages. The workshop was deemed a success as most of their products sold.

The Workshop story in Pictures

1- Learning the Basics- Making pencil sketches

2- Filling the colours

Ajit from Weavers Cooperative

Rashmi Rani filling the colours using special Madhubani art nib

Manju Devi with her piece

The trainer, Mahesh,with the participants

The best four - Guddi, Arpana devi, Juhi and Rashmi rani

3- The  making of
"The Buddha preaching in Pavarika Amrawana"
by- Guddi, Luso, Juhi and Anuradha

4- Small 2ft x 1ft size souvenir pieces by Select Artisans

Buddha Preaching law by Arpana Devi

Sujata Offering Milk Gruel to the Buddha - By Rashmi Rani

Devadutta Throwing stone at the Buddha on Vulture's Peak - By Lusso

Taming of Nalagiri by- Manju Devi

The Buddha in Veluvana (Bamboo grove) - By Guddi
The Buddha Preaching Law - By Malti Devi

The Buddha, The Sangha and The Dhamma - By Anuradha

The Buddha in Mango Grove - By  Anita Devi

4- A group of pilgrims interacting with artisans at Artisan's Center, Nepura

Ravi Verma with his souvenir - Xuanzang's Welcome at Nalanda Sangharama